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If you are a manufacturer, producer, or distributor of electrical and electronic products, we offer a wide range of services to ensure that your product complies with the current regulatory requirements of the industry.

Our ValuesWe at REACT LABORATORIES are committed to


Provides Accurate, Reliable and Prompt Services and also maintain confidentiality to our Customers.

Our Team

REACT Comprises of young team of well trained engineers and act impartially on their roles and responsibilities.


To acquire and maintain global standards and to create new opportunities for growth in our strategic testing..


REACT Laboratories implements  ISO/IEC 17025 in its Quality Management System

Our Expertise

Regulatory Testing
REACT supports testing as per numerous standards so the manufacturers can comply with the various Regulatory or compliance testing requirements to compete in the Global market.
Product Development Testing
The facility at REACT can be accessed for specific tests or for a complete standard based on requirements so that the manufacturers can gain confidence in their product before submitting the same for regulatory testing.
Performance and Reliability Testing
REACT facility can be accessed by customers for testing the end product to ensure its stability. The critical tests can be repeated, and the products can be tested at their worst case to ensure confidence in their performance.
Environmental and Ingress Protection Testing
Our facility will enable manufacturers to test the performance of their products under various environmental conditions.
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) & Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
These tests ensure that these devices operate reliably in their intended electromagnetic environments and do not cause harmful interference to other devices.
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TESTIMONIALSOur Customers Remember Our Good Service

I greatly appreciate the communication on the process, what we needed to do in terms of providing samples, what to expect. Novalab provided what we needed in terms of certification that we can use with our customers.
Morgan Macleod

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